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Procedure for Adding Tokens to the Default List This section contains the default list procedure description.

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What is Tegro.Finance

Tegro is an AMM DEX for the TON blockchain

Tegro.Finance is a decentralized automated market maker (AMM) built on the TON blockchain providing virtually zero fees, low slippage, an extremely easy interface, and direct integration with TON wallets.

  • Fully decentralized

    Tegro doesn’t have access to your coins/tokens and never asks for your personal information.

  • Virtually zero trading fees

    TON blockchain has much lower fees and provides higher transaction speed compared to Bitcoin or Ethereum.

  • Low to zero slippage

    As an AMM, Tegro relies on liquidity pools and simple, yet sophisticated algorithms to determine token prices.

  • Affiliate with us, Empower DeFi

    Join a community-driven movement to make DeFi accessible and better for everyone.

Adding Tokens to the Default List

In the interface of our app, we prioritize the reputation of the assets and the availability of volumes to ensure our users have the best experience.

The inclusion of a new asset on Tegro default token list is a multi-step process that involves a formal application procedure, a review by our team, and an initial liquidity check procedure.

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Workflow: How to add your token?

To apply for inclusion in the default list on Tegro, please follow the provided link and fill out the application form with the necessary information. Our team will review your application and contact you if your project is selected for inclusion to the default token list. We are excited to see new projects on our platform and look forward to working with you.

Add liquidity to DEX
  • Application: The first step is to apply for inclusion in the default list on Tegro. Projects must provide basic information about themselves through the application form, accessible via the link provided.
  • Review: After the application is submitted, our team reviews the provided information. We assess the project's compliance with our default list criteria and evaluate its potential for success on our platform.
  • Liquidity: If the internal review is successful, the next step is to check initial liquidity on the DEX. Note that the initial liquidity in the pool must be at least 5,000 TON paired with the second token.
  • Public Inclusion: At the agreed-upon time, the initialized pools will be available in the public interface for trading.
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